Monday, August 20, 2012

MONDAY NIGHT RAW - August 20, 2012

"The Perfect Storm" has passed, and now comes the fallout. Paul Heyman has stated that Brock 
Lesnar will kick off Raw tonight at 8/7 CT.. What will he have to say following his huge win 
over Triple H at SummerSlam?

With tweets from Shawn Michaels indicating that a satellite truck will be at his house tonight for 
Raw (8/7 CT), it's clear that HBK will offer his exclusive reactions to his best friend 
Triple H's earth-shattering showdown against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.
CM Punk retained the WWE Title last night at Summerslam. Whether Punk got his due props, 
however, is another matter. Afterward, Cena seemed reluctant to give The Second City Saint 
the respect he demanded Bret Hart (who Punk paid tribute to with his new tights) did, via Twitter, 
however — which seems to us a fairly good indicator that CM Punk might have a few words in 
store for the dynastic 10-time WWE Champion before Raw fades to black.

Chris Jericho finally got the monkey off his back, winning “the big one” against Dolph Ziggler 

in a highly hyped grudge match that saw The Showoff submit to a torturous-looking Walls of Jericho. 
 If there’s one thing Ziggler hates, it’s getting upstaged, and The Showoff has already demanded a 
rematch. How will Mr. Money in the Bank respond to the humbling defeat?

Daniel Bryan escaped with a win over Kane after handing The Devil’s Favorite Demon 

a shocking defeat at WWE’s summer classic. Poor Josh Mathews must have been feeling bold, 
because he approached Kane for an interview while he raged through the bowels of STAPLES 
Center in an attempt to hunt Bryan down. Kane promptly tossed Mathews through the air, 
leading Raw General Manager AJ Lee to cryptically tweet that she’d address the situation 
further when Raw reconvened. What will the red brand’s eccentric boss have in store? 
Tune in at 8/7 CT to find out!

Sheamus stole one from Alberto Del Rio, clocking The Essence of Excellence with one of 

Ricardo Rodriguez’s immaculately shined loafers and then removing Del Rio’s foot from the ropes 
to retain the World Heavyweight Title after felling him with the Irish Curse. Del Rio has already 
filed a formal protest, but The Mexican Aristocrat will have plenty to say about this as well.

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