Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WRP: THE UNDERGROUND - episodes 4-7

Sorry about the delay in getting these 4 episodes posted. I missed when they posted them and forgot about looking for the episodes until now.

Steve Jobs vs. Blades - Ep. 4

Blades attempts to slash Jobs, who's a little outmatched. Stone and PW3 show some not-so-brotherly love towards each other.

1600 vs. PW3 - Ep. 5

PW3 looks to keep his perfect score against 1600 still looking for his first win.

Undefeated Showdown: Stone vs. Blades - Ep. 6

Stone and Blades fight to stay undefeated in the underground. King tells Luther and Shayna to win or go home.

Steve Jobs vs. Luther and Shana - Ep. 7

After Shana reminds Luther he either wins or he's gone, he desperately takes on Jobs for a shocking ending Luther didn't see coming. King has a word with his two prized fighters, Stone and PW3, about an upcoming fight.

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