Monday, August 6, 2012

MONDAY NIGHT RAW - August 6, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk wants respect, but it's safe to say a Triple Threat WWE Title Match 
at SummerSlam wasn't what The Second City Saint had in mind. How will 
The Voice of the Voiceless respond to last week's developments on tonight's 3 hour RAW?
Last week RAW GM AJ Lee had Daniel Bryan detained by the men in white coats. Later, the former World Heavyweight Champion later seemingly traded his trademark “YES!” for cries of “NO!” condemning the WWE Universe for daring to ape his catchphrase. Also, just exactly what does “anger management therapist” Kane have in mind for the newfound “No!” man?

Last week on Raw: following his defeat of U.S. Champion Santino Marella, The Essence of Excellence, Alberto Del Rio made a bold proclamation that he would refrain from competition until his World Heavyweight Championship Match against Sheamus at SummerSlam, as there wasn’t a foe that Del Rio considered to be of his caliber. With SummerSlam fast approaching, though, will Del Rio’s self-imposed moratorium hold? Or does AJ have a plan for The Mexican Aristocrat?

The Prime Time Players have been backing up their jibber-jabber with several solid performances in the past weeks. Has their recent run earned them the right to challenge the Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth? Or will another aspiring duo step up to claim their spot in the food chain?

Randy Orton returned last week on RAW, cementing himself as the true Legend Killer by decisively defeating his would-be usurper, Heath Slater. Though Orton is technically a SmackDown Superstar, it’s unlike The Apex Predator to stay confined to the blue brand. Will he prowl the halls of Raw once again? And if so, who will be caught in his venomous wrath?



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